About Us

Tag N’ Brag started as a notebook of ideas created by David and Dean Giarrizzo while they were in college at Ohio State University. They wanted to create a place where all hunters and fishermen/women could connect, share experiences, and exploit themselves as outdoorsmen/women.

In the fall throughout their college careers, David and Dean would spend countless hours in the car going to and from school to the hunting grounds. They even scheduled classes on the same days as each other so they would have opposite days off to go hunt. Much of the time spent in the car, and some in class was focused on jotting down ideas and creating the vision for Tag N’ Brag.

In December 2011, they launched the first version of www.tag-n-brag.com. In less then 2 years they have turned the outdoor social network into a brand recognized throughout our industry. www.tag-n-brag.com is going to re-launch a new custom designed website at the end of November, we now have an iOS and Andriod phone application, our own blog, and our own web show on tag-n-brag.tv.

We have great plans of expanding the Tag N’ Brag brand even further and look forward to connecting hunters and fishermen/women worldwide.